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The birth-rate is low, but females, and the herd as a whole, are intensely protective of the young, so calf survival is high relative to that of other pinnipeds.

Survival Survival rates for Atlantic walruses are unknown. Hunting by humans is the greatest cause of mortality. Survival of the young is probably high, owing to the intense maternal care they receive, although they are vulnerable to First time dating a black guy when a herd is stampeded. But competitive fighting during the breeding season may increase the natural mortality of males Fay Present contaminant burdens are unlikely to affect survival rates.

Mortality due to parasites, diseases, and accidents is unknown. Trampling Young walruses and those in poor condition are vulnerable to Nsa relationship in upernavik if herds are stampeded onshore or offshore. These stampedes typically result in few deaths. However, in one incident at St. Lawrence Island in the Bering Sea, where at least Pacific walruses died, trampling may have been one cause of death Fay and Kelly Some of the animals examined there had been attacked by killer whales Orcinus orcawhich may have stampeded the large herd ashore and caused the death by trampling of many smaller or weaker individuals.

The latter likely resulted from physical trauma but an infectious or toxic agent could not be ruled out. Mortality on such a scale has not been reported for Atlantic walruses but stampedes do cause some mortality Loughrey Ice Entrapment Evidence for the entrapment of walruses in ice is scant. Walruses can break ice with their tusks to keep holes open and can climb out onto the ice using their Tips dating online, and large male Pacific walruses can break through ice up to 20 cm thick by ramming it from below with their heavy, dense skulls Bruemmer Walruses can travel over the ice for at least 6 km when they are frozen out Calvert and Stirlingtypically in a straight line regardless of obstacles Freuchen Predation Polar bears Ursus maritimus prey on Atlantic walruses; some die in the attempt Loughrey ; Killian and Stirling Walruses are most vulnerable to bears when they are frozen out of their breathing holes or must rely on a very limited area of open water for breathing and haul-out, particularly where rough ice provides cover for stalking bears Calvert and Stirling Sub-adults are more vulnerable than adults, which are aggressive and possess large tusks for defence.

While predation rates are unknown, polar bears are important predators of walruses in the central Canadian high Arctic in late winter and early spring. Killer whales also kill walruses Lowry et al. Greenland Inuit report that killer whales are afraid of walruses and will imitate the sound of an enraged bull to deter the approach of these walruses if they encounter them while hunting offshore Bruemmer Diseases and Parasites The susceptibility of walruses to mortality from disease is not well understood. Fay reviewed information on parasites and diseases in the Pacific walrus. Serological testing of walruses from sites in the eastern Canadian Arctic did not find antibodies to influenza A virus, which can cause high mortality among seals and has been found in ringed seals Phoca hispida and belugas Delphinapterus leucas Nielsen et al.

If walruses were susceptible to this virus, the absence of seropositive animals could mean that they had not been exposed to the virus or that all of the infected animals had died. There is serological evidence for sporadic infection of walruses in the Igloolik area with a bacterium of a Brucella sp. Morbillivirus antibodies are common in walruses from the eastern Canadian Arctic Nielsen et al. The pathology of all these viruses in walruses is unknown. The pathology of this parasite in walruses is unknown. Anatomy and Physiology Recent studies have described the cranial bones and their significance for hauling out, feeding, and accommodation of the sensory organs Kastelein and Gerrits ; the muscles and their role in feeding and haul-out behaviour Kastelein et al.

Walruses are well adapted to cold and ice. They reduce heat losses during extreme cold by constricting blood flow to their peripheral vascular system and vice versa Ray and Fay Benrischke described the placental anatomy and histology of a Pacific walrus. Little is known of the endocrinology of the species. Lead isotope ratios in walrus teeth are proving useful for differentiating groups of walruses and studying movements Outridge et al. A walrus tagged in east Greenland was recaptured at Svalbard, a straight-line distance of about km Born and Gjertz Wintering areas have been documented within the range of each of the putative populations.

Instead, there are local seasonal movements between the rocky sites where animals haul out during the ice-free period and their wintering areas Freeman In both the Belcher and Sleeper archipelagos, walruses are present at the floe edge in winter and move into the islands and onshore as the pack dissipates in summer Fleming and Newton ; Peter Kattuk, Mayor of Sanikiluaq and Zach Novalinga, Sanikiluaq Environmental Committee, pers. The winter whereabouts of animals that summer along the Ontario coast is unknown, and the question of whether they move between this area and the Belchers is unanswered.

Lead isotope signatures in the teeth suggest that some males have moved between Foxe Basin and eastern Hudson Bay Stewart et al. Where environmental conditions permit, some animals remain year-round, apparently moving inshore and offshore in response to changes in the ice. Others appear to undertake significant seasonal migrations. Evidence for the extent of these movements is circumstantial, as it is based on local observations. Whether the wintering and migratory animals represent different genetic populations is unknown Stewart Walruses occupy the north side of Chesterfield Inlet in the spring, are absent near the community in summer, and are present in the Chesterfield Inlet—Roes Welcome Sound area in winter Brice-Bennett ; Fleming and Newton They occur in Wager Bay when ice is minimal, and Inuit indicate that they prefer areas with strong currents.

Walruses are common in the Repulse Bay area but less so when the summer ice concentration remains high. Their presence also depends on the strength of the current, which varies each summer. When the current is stronger they sometimes approach within 60 km of Repulse Bay in the fall; they are sometimes seen at the floe edge in winter. Tagging studies in the mids at Bencas, Coats, and Southampton Islands, using harpoon-head tags tagged, 4 recapturedrevealed only local movements Mansfield ; Loughrey However, hunters report seasonal movements in response to changing ice conditions Orr and Rebizant Walruses occur off the floe edge along the south and east coasts of Southampton Island and west and southwest coasts of Foxe Peninsula in winter, favour the floating pack ice of Evans Strait and Hudson Strait in late spring and summer, and move ashore to uglit as pack ice dissipates.

There is a similar shoreward movement of walruses in the Repulse Bay area in the fall September ; some winter in Roes Welcome Sound Fleming and Newton Walruses remain in the Ivujivik area year-round but are seldom seen near Akulivik in summer Fleming and Newton Akulik and Pilik Islands, which do not appear on maps, are important sites for these animals. In the early s, Ivujivik hunters would go to Akulik when they did not see walruses elsewhere in winter. Currie described an influx of walruses to the southeast coast of Akpatok Island in Ungava Bay as soon as ice conditions permitted in June or early July, and their subsequent dispersal in late July or August northwest past Cape Hopes Advance into Hudson Strait, with a return migration following the same general route but further offshore the cape in September and October.

Some walruses are present year-round near Nottingham and Salisbury Islands, where strong currents maintain polynyas through the winter Kemp ; Orr and Rebizant But be open-minded to going completely crazy and be spontaneous. You have a bed there, sleep on that one. You want to keep this going, right? You like this NSA relationship? Who knows how long this is going to last?

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