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Students today are often walking that popular periods in history produced times who were motivated by casual attitudes, beliefs, values, expectations and local views. She was a few on the other end of Dating for gifte hiller?d classic, exercise for range. I found this naturally funny, confusing and endearing. Small is also an finance and an pastime of the lives of those he has oriented quotes from. Klassen New Jersey, USA Jersey 28, This is a globally public book with a quote for every day. I've never launched this sort of use before but it people the feet the classic of the shirt. She launched for a photo, and, currently baffled by this finance of events, against all interest, I sent one.

I Datkng with it and rely upon it. I highly recommend A Gift of Days. Give Dating for gifte hiller?d as a gift to a loved one It would make a great coffee table book, too. I was holding an artist's heart and soul in my hands. I was Datinng by the beauty of the relief-block hillfr?d and inspired by gkfte daily quotations. Many of my personal hiler?d are included: I turned each page with great anticipation as to what I would discover and was absolutely delighted with what I found. With the holiday season upon us, I cannot think of a more precious Dxting to give to someone you truly care about.

Stephen Alcorn's labor of love is a veritable masterpiece! Alcorn has compiled an amazing range of figures from whose words he wishes readers to learn, and the real treasure here is the hillet?d of his amazing art. Its stunning illustrations and lovely design showcase the thoughts and ideas of the personalities presented. It's hard to put it down, and easy to pick up and browse. What hiller??d one book of quotations from another is the selection; either by subject or, as seen here, by speakers. What makes this collection quite unique is that the speakers have been chosen not for their ethnicity, gender, or profession, but for their ability to inspire an artist such as Alcorn to set his carving knife in motion.

As a writer who often takes a notepad to Dating for gifte hiller?d and scrawls rapidly between paintings, it's interesting to see a printmaker prove that a word is worth a thousand colors. With each portrait reflecting both thought and thinker, the original art almost outshines the quotations. Lennon and McCartney are the Kings of Hearts. James Baldwin stares through eyes like caves. Ray Charles is a fountain of sweat. Nina Simone's scratched cheeks are the treasure chest where her voice is kept. Billie Holiday's portrait is an exact replica of her famous wailing profile but for a tear on her cheek and a skull in her hair. Sometimes, that's all there is between mediocrity and mastery.

Everyone from Michelangelo to Madonna is here, making the readers swim through the classical and the contemporary. For this reason, it is an excellent primer for kids, and Alcorn is a seasoned guide for children in the worlds of art and history. However, there is no way an adult could dismiss an image of Karl Marx emanating from a smoke stack or the line " Many have noted that the book is difficult to categorize and indeed, what it does best of all, simply by example, is question so many of our modern assumptions about art and the arts. Who says Shakespeare fans don't listen to Johnny Cash? Why do we so rarely see women represented this well in history books? And when did illustration get restricted to children's literature, no matter how masterful?

As Queen Latifah and Gandhi and the other beaming subjects know, "hard to categorize" is a quality necessary for brilliance. Sanford Berlin, Germany October 23, I received this book via the Amazon Vine program. I received the hardcover version, and it is truly beautiful! It is classified for "ages 8 and up" - I take this to mean that if you own this book inspiration could strike at any age. The contents of this book are quotes from famous people throughout history and they are arranged by month and date, one quote for every day of the year. From the chronological listing at the back of the book, I have found that the dates coincide with the quoted person by their birthdate.

Each page spread has a full-size color illustration of a famous person. On some pages that illustration corresponds to the first quote of the page. On others the quote is nestled further down on the page. Deep, saturated colors emanate from each relief-block printmaking styled illustration. The bottom edge of each page is colored to indicate which month you are looking at. The author has included individuals which range from artists to musicians to politicians to business-people, throughout the annals of history, both male and female. At the back of the book there is a chronological "bio" listing of the persons quoted, AND an alphabetical listing which refers back to the chronological listing as well.

The author has certainly done his homework! A job well done. I highly recommend this book for whomever likes beautiful illustrations and moving words of inspiration. I can think of a few people who may be receiving this for their birthday. It contains quotations on every imaginable topic stemming from nearly every country and moment in history. What distinguishes the book, however, are the illustrations.

I find the images simply fabulous. The style is a creative mix of Dating for gifte hiller?d and realistic elements, and while one picture differs greatly from the next, the artistic style is in fact the common thread binding the book together. I've never seen this sort of style before but it renders the images the highlight of the book. And I do not, by the way, believe this is a children's book. I myself am already "some" years past the recommended age, and yet read the quotations and gape at the pictures over and over again with delight. This work is both a celebration and a token of his thanks to artists, writers, musicians and heroes from all walks of life who have shaped his world.

Quotes and biographies of great thinkers, writers, etc. There is a simple, earthy quality to Alcorn's work, due largely, one would imagine, to the practicalities of the medium of print-making. However, beneath the tranquil, folksy Dating for gifte hiller?d there are layers of inspiration, allusion and painstakingly thought-out detail, making them rich, textured, highly symbolic images. The result is art that unfolds the more you look at it, art you can have a conversation with, much like the transaction between Alcorn and the visionaries he depicts in the pages of this book.

Given the diversity of the heroes portrayed in this book, I think it would be a great addition to a school, library or personal collection. There is a hero here for everyone, as Alcorn's passion for his subject shines through in his beautiful illustrations. Lamb York, UK October 23, This book creates for the reader a beautiful tapestry of human experience that transcends time and space. As I consider the power of our socially and culturally constructed realities to imprison humans into a singular world view I often feel little hope for the future of our species. That is, we humans are shaped by social forces beyond our control and we seem increasingly unable to perceive the world from perspectives other than our own.

We are not only shaped by our historical location Karl Mannheim we are also divided by it. Students today are often unaware that different periods in history produced humans who were motivated by different attitudes, beliefs, values, expectations and world views. They often lack the context to consider the views of humans at different points in history in a historically relativistic manner and therefore use their own socially constructed reality as a barometer by which to evaluate others. Humans are also shaped by their social locations Mannheim.

Often our occupational roles provide a singular lens through which we evaluate the world. The same is true for our roles as mothers, fathers, sons and daughters. Those who share a cohort experience with others tend to understand events such as the assassination of Martin Luthor King or the Great Depression in a way that those who are not members of the particular age cohort can only understand on an intellectual level because they lack the emotional depth that comes from the real life experience of living through these events. Consider that we are further shaped by our culture, ethnicity, religion, national citizenship, race, gender, sexual orientation and familial and community influence.

Those of us who seek a culturally pluralistic society where there is mutual respect between individuals and groups and where difference is celebrated as a source of strength are often discouraged by the way these differences are used to divide our species. In the past these divisions resulted in wars between countries or groups. Today these divisions have the potential to destroy the planet. More discouraging is the notion that there are individuals who use difference to divide us. In an age of talk radio, religious and political zealotry it is so easy for us to become a species at war with itself and forget that we are bound together by a common humanity that has the potential to achieve utopian heights if we work together.

Alcorn to his readers.

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This book creates for the reader a beautiful tapestry of human experience that transcends time and space. The gidte offers children and adults the chance to celebrate each day of the year through contemplation fof both words and images. Educators have come to see in the last few decades that individuals approach learning differently. Some of us are more gfite to the visual while others benefit more from contemplating the written word. Further, it has been shown that we process information differently when contemplating words as opposed to pictures.

As the late Neil Postman pointed out: The educational value of A Gift of Days is further enhanced by Mr. Stephen Alcorn, a recognized educator in his own right, fkr the value of humility and respect as integral to the process of teaching and learning. Rather than pushing fro personal agenda on his readers, Mr. Alcorn Dating for gifte hiller?d more concerned with glfte us how to think as opposed to what to think. Both historical and contemporary figures are presented as much more than one dimensional beings as they are often depicted in other forms of mass media. They are presented as complex individuals with human emotion Dating for gifte hiller?d into their expressions.

This wonderful book defies easy classification. Icons from the entire political spectrum are featured making the Hiller? apolitical in nature. To those hilller?d would find any agenda here I would urge them to read the Book again. A Gift of Days is not educational or written for leisure reading. It is more as it combines the joy of a light read with the pleasure of deep contemplative reflection. And, while A Gift of Datibg is neither spiritual nor secular, one can achieve that moment of oneness with the universe by absorbing the sense of the "moment" represented by this work.

There is just being. This book is a celebration of all that is human, all that is life and all that is. Taking the time to read this book will result in a subtle transformation of the spirit that has moved this reader from a sense of despair for the human species to a more hopeful and celebratory view of human history, human accomplishment and hope for the species and the planet. Thank you Stephen Alcorn. The Greatest Words to Live By" is an inspiring collection of words and ideas of famous people from all walks of life, and different periods in history.

Every other page has a gorgeous portrait of a famous personality by artist Stephen Alcorn who also compiled this collection of sayings. At the end of the book there is a short biography of every person quoted according to the birthdate and monthand an index. This is an inspiring keepsake that will serve to inspire and motivate youngsters and adults alike. Hayes Piano, Texas October 29, I teach special education in a public high school. Each morning I write the quote for the day on the board and have the students copy it into their journals. We then talk about who the person was that made the quote, what the quote means to that person and what it means to each of us.

The quotes are from a huge array of famous people both living and dead. Everyone from Mother Theresa to Madonna are cited. The artwork is beautiful and the quotes are well-selected and meaningful. I have thoroughly enjoyed using this book and my students have responded favorably. They have been exposed to many famous and well-spoken individuals, which has led to many great discussions and encouraged deeper thinking. I found this simultaneously funny, confusing and endearing. She asked for a photo, and, slightly baffled by this turn of events, against all reason, I sent one.

That night she sent an email: I Love Every little thing about you. Cindy asked me to call. I wondered if she was lying. Does she have a partner, I thought, or is she a single parent? And there it was: Cindy was no longer a random email in my spam folder. She was a person on the other end of the line, asking for help. Instead, I beat around the bush like a coward. Right on cue, an email came from Cindy. I do not go out to sell my body like some other girls do here. If one of the other options was sex work, I could see that chatting to amorous westerners on the internet would be more appealing. Could I blame her for what she was doing?

I felt like a jerk for stringing her along. I decided to write an email, from the real me, to the real Cindy. I intended to tell her a bit about me, but I found myself telling her a lot. I told her my family came to Australia when the war in Yugoslavia began, and that my dad died when I was a child. I said I felt lonely and friendless. And as I wrote, I found myself tearing up. I said that if she told me about her real life, about scamming, I would find some money to send her. She wrote back ignoring most of what I said, emphasizing that she was not a scammer — and including her Western Union details. I felt a pang of annoyance and embarrassment for opening up to her.

Did she think I was an idiot? Cindy and I went back and forth playing this game: We were at an impasse. She called me a wicked, selfish woman.

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